blog (blög)
n. A weblog.; intr.v., blogged, blog·ging, blogs. To write entries in, add material to, or maintain a weblog.; [(WE)BLOG.]; blog·ger n. dictionary

BlogLife is an ongoing photographic examination of modern day online identities. I began by collecting and eventually contacting bloggers with a range of ages, topics and type of blog services and styles. I chose to photograph the subjects in their typical blogging spot with natural light. The resulting body of work, thus far, contains five color photographs and an accompanying form. I plan to continue this project with more topics.

Usernames, profiles, passwords, personal sites, blogs and instant messaging have become a part of daily life around the world. Ones choice is often a reflection of their identity; from favorite quotations, movies, songs to memories from long ago.

Nicole Duennebier:
Kevin Bouchard [blog closed]:
Susan Senator:
Ned Batchelder:
Danielle Askini:


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