One Flesh

One Flesh: Documenting Gender, Sex and Sexuality is an ongoing photographic examination of gender and sexual identities. I began by contacting friends, acquaintances and people with online journals. I wanted the subjects to be people who volunteered information and would be comfortable about sharing their gender and sexual orientation.

I chose to photograph the subjects in their homes with natural light and in their normal dress. By photographing in this way I hoped to de-emphasize the cultural view that to be homosexual, bisexual, or transgender was to be shocking. Clothing can play a major role in developing one’s gender identity, consciously or not. Clothing also creates other categories or sub-categories within a given community: from butch to femme, bi-gendered to drag queen. I chose to photograph the subjects who identify as multiple genders twice, giving them the opportunity to show how they express different facets of their identities.

The resulting body of work contains thirteen color photographs of ten individuals. Along with the photographs, each piece contains a form that allowed the subjects to define their gender, sex, sexual orientation, age and relationship status. I plan to continue this project, seeking out as many more variations and combinations of identities.

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