New: The Kitchens Project

DSC_2919.jpgIn July I started a new photographic series I’m calling “The Kitchens Project”. I’ll be photographing in Maine bakeries and restaurant kitchens. My “ins” thus far have been friends who own or work in kitchens. I started the project by photographing Zu Bakery [link|photos] in South Freeport, which is run by Barak Olins, former chef/owner of the original Cafe Uffa. I’ve also photographed The West End Deli [info|photos] on Spring Street in Portland (thanks to my friend Abby and others there).


Next up is likely Bresca at 111 Middle Street in Portland. It’s the former site of Marty’s Luncheonette, a restaurant owned by my great aunt and uncle, Mary and Marty.

Why kitchens, restaurants and bakeries? Well, a few reasons: Continue reading “New: The Kitchens Project”