2010: The year we made updates

It’s been some time since I’ve made updates to my site, and I hope to remedy that problem.

What’s happening now:
I currently have a photograph up at SPACE as part of ‘Free for all 2’. It’s from the Kitchen’s Project series, which I have hopes to continue with. The image I selected was from the wonderful Portland restaurant Evangeline.  Images from that series need to be posted.

Two pieces were recently featured in From the Inside VI at June Fitzpatrick at MECA.

I’m currently working on another project, this time not (directly) art related.  It’s too soon to announce fully, but I will say that it involves music, non-profits and events – all topics that are close to my heart.  I hope to announce something in the spring.  You can certainly stay tuned here for more info and a new site is in in the works for that project.

Stay tuned in 2010.

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