2010: The year we made updates

It’s been some time since I’ve made updates to my site, and I hope to remedy that problem. What’s happening now: I currently have a photograph up at SPACE as part of ‘Free for all 2’. It’s from the Kitchen’s Project series, which I have hopes to continue with. The image I selected was from the wonderful Portland restaurant Evangeline. ┬áImages from that series need … Continue reading 2010: The year we made updates


Recently I was in Rockland and Owl’s Head, Maine photographing Primo Restaurant. Emily Lowe, a college classmate, is the head vegetable grower. Her days are filled with planting seeds, harvesting vegetables from the gardens and greenhouses and assisting with planning the menu based on the results. The chef, Melissa Kelly, is a James Beard Award winner and she kind enough to allow me in to … Continue reading Primo

Bresca/The Kitchens Project

Congrats to Bresca for making Conde Nast magazine’s hot list, joining a prestigious list of 105 other restaurants from AROUND THE WORLD. It’s been a pleasure working with Krista Kern, who has been nothing but gracious. I had some hint that there would be a mention as she’d asked me to return to Bresca after my initial photographs were made to shoot more. Alas, the … Continue reading Bresca/The Kitchens Project

From the Inside IV

Fourteen members of the Maine College of Art staff will display work at the June Fitzpatrick Gallery at MECA from January 2 to January 26, 2008. An opening reception is scheduled for First Friday, January 4 from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m.. Participating artists are Nik Bsullak ’99, Jay Cornell ’03, Jill Dalton ’99, David Gillis, Erin Hutton ’99, Rachel Katz ’00 MFA, Colleen Kinsella, … Continue reading From the Inside IV

New: The Kitchens Project

DSC_2919.jpgIn July I started a new photographic series I’m calling “The Kitchens Project”. I’ll be photographing in Maine bakeries and restaurant kitchens. My “ins” thus far have been friends who own or work in kitchens. I started the project by photographing Zu Bakery [link|photos] in South Freeport, which is run by Barak Olins, former chef/owner of the original Cafe Uffa. I’ve also photographed The West End Deli [info|photos] on Spring Street in Portland (thanks to my friend Abby and others there).


Next up is likely Bresca at 111 Middle Street in Portland. It’s the former site of Marty’s Luncheonette, a restaurant owned by my great aunt and uncle, Mary and Marty.

Why kitchens, restaurants and bakeries? Well, a few reasons: Continue reading “New: The Kitchens Project”

Boston Exhibition (Update)

“One Flesh: Documenting Gender, Sex and Sexuality” will once again be exhibited. This showing will take place at the School of the Museum of the Fine Arts in Boston as part of a themed show on race, gender, and sexuality in the 21st century. “Hijacking the Future: Hugs and Kisses” Opening: Tuesday, Feb 27, 2007 5-8pm Exhibition Dates: February 22 – March 22 Donnelly First … Continue reading Boston Exhibition (Update)

Exhibition: From the Inside III

New year, new exhibition. Three of my photos will be included in the annual Maine College of Art staff exhibition at the June Fitzpatrick Gallery at MECA. The work is a little different from what I typically show, but it didn’t feel like either the right venue or time to show the still untitled hate crime/speech work.

I also designed the postcard. Over Christmas I noticed it was upside down on my mother’s refrigerator, always a good sign. The image is from the inside of the Porteous building in the 30’s or 40’s, I also added the store’s logo. It’s a bit of an homage to Warhol’s purposely, mis-registered screen prints (like it wasn’t obvious).

It is First Friday that night, so make the rounds and load up on free wine, cheese and crackers – oh yeah, and see some artwork too.

June Fitzpatrick Gallery at MECA
522 Congress Street
Portland, Maine
Show runs: January 5 – 20, 2007 (it may open sooner)
Opening: First Friday, January 5th 5-8pm

Continue reading “Exhibition: From the Inside III”