Boston Exhibition (Update)

“One Flesh: Documenting Gender, Sex and Sexuality” will once again be exhibited. This showing will take place at the School of the Museum of the Fine Arts in Boston as part of a themed show on race, gender, and sexuality in the 21st century.

“Hijacking the Future: Hugs and Kisses”
Opening: Tuesday, Feb 27, 2007 5-8pm
Exhibition Dates: February 22 – March 22

Donnelly First Floor Gallery, Mission Hill Building
School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston
160 St Alphonsus Street
Boston, MA 02120 [MAP]

About the exhibition:
Over the last half century, sexuality has come to be considered a major facet of identity. It has grown seemingly to the level of gender and race in its construction and deconstruction of social alliances and cultural constructs.

As a result of this increased attention, many theorists have discovered threads running throughout modern Western culture that connect these three systems. Stereotypes and discriminatory notions of race, gender, and sexuality have been intertwined, and used to reinforce one another, almost as long as each classification has been part of society’s awareness.

“Hijacking the Future: Hugs and Kisses” seeks to examine the ways that systems of race, gender, and sexuality have changed and evolved in recent years, both independently and in their relation to one another. But, more than that, we want to consider what the next step is in challenging these varying methods of oppression and repression.

How can these systems be deconstructed and/or reconstructed into something more compelling, daring, interesting?

As queer characters and culture become become more visible and gay marriage becomes the focus of mainstream queer dialogue how is non-assimilationist queer life forging ahead? Abu Ghraib images as the new pinnacle of queer pathology and homophobia? What kinds of new questions can we ask? We’re hijacking our future back from the religious right and militant conservatism, and posing exciting new worlds.


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