Tasty Music

I love art and coincidence. Earlier this year, two cds were released that contain photography by me; one by my brother’s band Bullyclub, the other by my friend, Elli Gray. I consider myself fairly sharp, but it took me until a few days ago to realize, both are connected to my current interest in food and restaurants, though neither covers were conceived by me.

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Bullyclub’s album Tenure is a celebration of the bands 10 years of playing together, hence the (cup)cake and candles. I wish I could say it was a fine pastry, but it was a cobbled together from a supermarket tart and a can of frosting.

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The images for Elli Gray’s This Fight were taken at the now closed Chicky’s Fine Diner in Westbrook, Maine. It’s quite sad, actually – Chicky’s had music nearly every night, the stature of the acts were on the rise, but I hear that may have been it’s undoing. Elli, who works nearby to Chicky’s former location, liked the vibe and it matched the concept she was looking for. I think I caught this when she wasn’t paying attention, which gave the image a relaxed feeling.

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